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About Odin Technology

Odin Technology
Operating for over a decade, Odin are industry experts in the design, development and implementation of test automation products and solutions to clients in the US, Africa, Australia, Europe and India.

Where test automation tools have in the past been a worthy aspiration but never fulfilled their promise, Odin have created the Axe platform, which consistently delivers – software that works.

The Axe Test Automation platform is proven to be faster in implementation, cheaper to maintain and less resource intensive to build and integrate scenarios.

Axe uses sophisticated yet easy to use techniques to generate fully documented test automation code for multiple test automation tools, including market leading commercial and open source tools.

Axe - a New Breed

Our flagship product Axe was hailed one of the "New Breed" of automation tools by Ovum.

"Odin have focused the Axe Platform on providing what a tester needs from automation, delivering a real-life test tool rather than testing gimmicks."

"The comparison using Axe against our manual approach is unprecedented in our experience. We can now carry out our difficult manual testing with Axe in two hours against our manual approach which at best took over nine days and was fraught with Quality problems"

Northgate-IS Principal Consultant

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