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Axe and Open Source Tools

Axe and Open Source

Open Source Tools offer organisations a low-cost per-seat alternative to commercial automation tools. However as with all things free, this comes at a price. The skills barrier and lack of proprietary tooling around these tools lead to higher technical skill requirements in automation projects and lengthier implementation and maintenance cycles. The Axe platform, bundles Selenium WebDriver, Appium and the TestStack White Framework providing a single install, testing solution for Web cross-browser, Mobile and Desktop Applications.

What does Axe do? It enables non-technical testers to define and maintain automated tests in simple, natural language spreadsheets. It uses code generation techniques to create scripts in C# (or optionally Java for Selenium) as well as detailed test documentation. It also provides a comprehensive automation approach, project asset management and reporting structure to open source tools. Essentially, Axe empowers non-technical testers to leverage the automated testing capabilities of open source tools without the need to write code.

From a single Axe installation on a User’s workstation, Selenium, Appium and White are also installed and pre-configured to enable an out of the box testing experience.
Map objects in the Axe Mapper
Map objects in the Axe Mapper or Mapping Tools
The Axe platform provides a commercial Object Mapping tool for learning Web application objects in a point and click fashion. Tied in with the Axe Integrated Test Environment, a Tester can create a project, map objects, and be creating tests in minutes. Without seeing a line of code. Using the Appium Inspector and Desktop app inspection tools like UIAVerify, Mobile and Desktop application objects can be mapped and worked on centrally in the Axe format object map.
Define Test Steps in the Axe ITE

Define Test Steps in the Axe ITE

Using a simple spreadsheet structures, a non-technical tester can define test scenarios from very simple tests to complex integrated end to end processes. A simple but powerful Integrated Test Environment based on Spreadsheets, enhances the test definition and design process.
Generate Selenium 
Scripts and Documentation

Generate Automation Scripts and Documentation

Axe uses code generation techniques to interpret the spreadsheet based workflows and generates fully functioning Selenium WebDriver, Appium or White scripts in C# (or optionally Java for Selenium). At the same time detailed design steps in natural language are generated that document the tests.
Work with ALM tools

Work with ALM tools

All assets can be managed and checked into the Version Control systems provided by commercial ALM toolsets. Axe generated test documentation can be uploaded into the test management tools, to fill in the detail for outline test items.
Execute and Analyse using OTM

Execute and Analyse using ALM Tools

Tests can now be executed automatically, as often as required, as if the scripts were created by an expert script technician. Execution results can be imported into supported ALM tools automatically for reporting. Axe leverages the strengths of the Selenium testing features without the complexity.