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SAP Test Automation with Axe


SAP implementations and upgrades are resource intensive activities, often exceeding budget expectations and missing deadlines. It is estimated around 30-45% of the effort in implementing and around 80% of the effort of upgrading SAP is consumed in testing (source: 2008 Panorama consulting ERP reports).

Test automation seems a natural fit for SAP, with a standard UI and logical, modular structure, and indeed a number of automation tools are provided with SAP. So why isn’t it more prevalent? As with all automation tools, technical skills are required to get the best out of them, and over 85% of test automation initiatives fail (source: IDT)

What does Axe do? It enables non-technical testers to define and maintain automated tests in simple, natural language spreadsheets. It uses code generation techniques to create SAP GUI scripts as well as detailed test documentation. Essentially, Axe empowers non-technical testers to leverage the automated testing capabilities built into SAP without the need to write code.

SAP Screenshot 1
Axe is installed alongside SAP GUI on a Tester’s workstation. An Axe project is configured for the team and can be managed in the Version Control capabilities of your ALM toolset.
SAP Screenshot 2
Outline Tests in ALM Tools
Axe supports leading ALM tools from HP, IBM and Microsoft. These can act as a repository for test documentation and project assets, be used to coordinate testing activity and provide requirement traceability and reporting. A high level description of the test can be produced, but rather than fill in Detailed Steps here for the test we work in the Axe ITE.
SAP Screenshot 3

Define Test Detail in the Axe ITE

Using a simple spreadsheet structures, a non-technical tester can define test scenarios from very simple tests to complex integrated end to end processes. A simple but powerful Integrated Test Environment based on Spreadsheets, enhances the test definition and design process.
SAP Screenshot 4

Generate SAP GUI Scripts and Documentation

Axe uses code generation techniques to interpret the Spread sheets and generate fully functioning SAP GUI Test Scripts in VBScript. At the same time detailed design steps in natural language are generated that document the tests.
SAP Screenshot 5

Commit to ALM tools

All assets can be managed and checked into the Version Control systems provided by the ALM toolsets. Axe generated test documentation can be uploaded into the test management tools, to fill in the detail for outline test items.
SAP Screenshot 6

Execute and Analyse

Tests can now be executed automatically, as often as required, as if the scripts were created by an expert SAP GUI script technician. Execution results can be imported into supported ALM tools automatically for reporting. Axe leverages the strengths of the SAP testing features without the complexity.