Odin Technology

Axe and Visual Studio 2012

Odin Technology is proud to be a Launch Partner of Microsoft for the launch of Visual Studio 2012, simultaneously shipping Axe with Visual Studio. Axe has a tradition of leveraging the latest tools and technologies, also being a launch partner for the Visual Studio 2010 launch, where Microsoft showcased its test tool offerings.

Axe enables generalist testers to define and maintain automated tests in simple, natural language Microsoft Excel tables. It uses code generation techniques to create Coded UI scripts as well as entries in Microsoft Test Manager, including Test Steps and Associated Automation entries.

Essentially, Axe empowers generalist testers to leverage the automated testing capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 without the need to code, improving team collaboration on Automation initiatives.

Axe is installed alongside Visual Studio, Excel and Microsoft Test Manager on a Tester’s workstation. Axe project assets are managed like any other team assets under Team Foundation Server. All that is required is a target Visual Studio Coded UI Test Project to inject code into and an UI Map of the application under test.
Outline Tests in Microsoft Test Manager
Outline test work items can be created in Microsoft Test Manager with a Custom Field for the Axe ID. These are linked to requirements in the normal way but rather than fill in Detailed Steps for the test we work in Excel.

Define Detail in Axe Excel Structure

Using a simple Excel structure, a non-technical tester can define test scenarios from very simple tests to complex integrated end to end processes. All the powerful features of Excel are available to enhance the test definition and design process.

Generate Coded UI Scripts and Documentation

Axe uses code generation techniques to interpret the Excel Spread-sheets and generate fully functioning Coded UI Test Scripts in C# or Visual Basic and injects the code into the test project. At the same time detailed design steps in natural language are generated that document the tests. These can be run locally to debug and confirm they are correct.

Commit to Team Foundation Server

All assets can be checked into TFS, with the test work item being updated with the detailed test design steps, and associated automation completed for the work item.

Execute and Analyse using MTM

Tests can now be executed using the powerful test and lab management features of Microsoft Test Manager, including all traceability and analysis tools, as if the scripts were created by hand. Axe leverages the strengths of the Visual Studio testing features without the complexity.