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Corporate and Social Responsibility

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In common with companies of all sizes and sectors, we take an active role in Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Our goal is to encourage a positive impact through corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, and sustainable responsible business.

On the social responsibility side, we have a nominated charity, the "Turner Syndrome Support Society".

Turner syndrome (TS) is a chromosome abnormality affecting only females, caused by the complete or partial deletion of the X chromosome. The incidence of TS is approximately 1:2000 live female births. The charity is of personal interest to Duncan Brigginshaw, Director of Odin, whose daughter was born with Turners Syndrome. He is a committee member for the charity and takes an active part in activities and fundraising. Their aim is to raise awareness and provide correct guidance for those affected by the condition, seeking professional advice, and bring practical support on the implications of living daily with TS.

Odin in the Community

Odin provides sponsorship of the TSSS Annual conference and financial assistance to the charity for events.


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For more information please visit www.tss.org.uk

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