Increase your automation rates by up to 80%

Test automation is an imperative part of modern application development. Time to market is key, Agile practices, continuous change and DevOps cannot rely on manual test practices, requiring increasing levels of automation to succeed. This presents a significant challenge for organisations, how to increase levels of automation, typically around 15-20%, to the levels required without significant organisational change and technical re-skilling.

More Efficient.

By providing test automation in the language of business, tests are faster, cheaper and less resource intensive to construct, with the benefits of integration with common ALM toolsets.

Testing Made Easy.

Through Innovative use of code generation techniques and simplified test authoring interfaces, QA experts can do more by automating QA processes in DevOps without the technical overheads.

Faster Results.

DevOps demands continuous testing capability to achieve faster outcomes, successful automation is key in QA. Our products enable teams to deliver quicker results, minimise risk and improve delivery times.

Selenium, Simplified

Scriptworks provides an elegantly simple visual interface, empowering manual testers to use their domain expertise to design scalable and reusable automated test packs to address today’s continuous change demands.

SaaS Platform (Cloud or OnPremise)

Tiered Subscription (Annual)

Visual Test Design

Selenium, Appium


Scriptworks is a very good test automation product. Finally we have a Selenium and Appium based tool for easy script creation. It uses a web based interface and takes away the complexity of execution across multiple mobile devices & browsers. There are no more excuses for QA teams to start automating their testing!

David Horner Bitbar

Firstly let me start by congratulating you on a very impressive tool. I’ve been in Automation for eight years now and never have I been able to implement a complete end to end GUI Automation test set within four days.

Raymond Barrett DTS Automation

Odin have delivered as expected a superb product in Scriptworks, they never fail to supply what the test automation market needs.

James Briers Intelligent Testing

Introducing Axe has allowed Serena Dimensions QA to adapt to fully support Agile development without hiring additional staff. The whole distributed QA team (two sites) is now actively engaged in the scrum teams and thanks to Axe’s readily understandable results presentation the whole company is able to scrutinise the quality status of the latest daily product build on our results server as soon as the automation run has finished.

Graham Feast Serena Dimensions

Odin have focused Axe on delivering what a tester needs from automation, delivering a real-life test tool rather than delivering gimmicks! The ability to work in a dynamic environment creating manual test case documentation, coverage statistics and producing automated scripts as a by-product is fantastic.

Russel Ball Northgate Information Solutions

Enterprise Test Automation

Axe introduces a new class of product, the Enterprise Test Automation Platform. Axe standardises your automation approach across the enterprise. Fully customisable and extensible by end users to meet even the most demanding automation requirements.

Thick Client Windows Application

Perpetual License (+Annual Support)

Excel based Test Design

Selenium, Appium, UFT, CodedUI, RFT, OATS, SAP


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