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The Enterprise Test Automation Platform

Increase your automation rates by up to 80%

Axe introduces a new class of product, the Enterprise Test Automation Platform. Providing a simple table based test design interface for non-technical testers, backed up by innovative code and documentation generation technology, Axe standardises your automation approach across the enterprise. Fully customisable and extensible by end users to meet even the most demanding automation requirements.

Featured Integrations

Axe provides proprietary execution capability for SAP and SOA environments, alongside bundled integrations with the leading open source tools enable mobile, web cross-browser and desktop application automation out-of-the-box. Leverage existing investment in commercial QA tool suites to provide a consistent approach to automation across the entire enterprise application landscape.


How Can Axe Help Me?

Whether you are a business leader, testing specialist, tool technician or consultant, Axe is proven for fast delivery and results – software that works. And it achieves this without the traditional lengthy training period for specialists, intricate code and re-code complexity, proprietary systems, onerous documentation rewrites and bulky heavy maintenance that accompanies many of todays’ projects.

Axe is a groundbreaking testing platform using simple simple Excel based interface enabling testers to build effective test scenarios faster, automatically generating code that enables dramatic increases in productivity, speeds up time to market, and improves ROI.

Where test automation tools have in the past been a worthy aspiration but never fulfilled their promise, Odin have created the Axe platform, which consistently delivers – software that works.

The Axe Test Automation platform is proven to be faster in implementation, cheaper to maintain and less resource intensive to build and integrate scenarios.

Axe uses sophisticated yet easy to use techniques to generate fully documented test automation code for multiple test automation tools, including market leading commercial and open source tools.

Business Leaders & Management

The ability to quickly mobilise automation projects with my existing test resources - mobilise in days not months.

Increases the testing throughput of my team by a productivity factor of around four against traditional test automation approaches and more importantly delivers it quicker and in a consistent manner.

Axe gives me the ability to achieve the benefit associated with Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) approaches.

Using Axe allows my test team to be flexible in terms of changing projects where demand dictates whilst still ensuring the same Quality processes and deliverables are delivered.

From a maintenance perspective, Axe wins 'hands down' against traditional approaches as the assets are maintained in the tool every tester knows - Excel.

Axe delivers auditability across the testing process from requirements to execution, results are comprehensive and can be used by everyone involved in the development lifecycle from the Business through Development to the test team and back!

Manual Tester

Allows me to focus on changes that the business needs rather than checking regression packs, it allows us to automate and check routes through the business processes easily.

Carry out more testing and give better coverage of tests by using Axe to automate large regression suites which I never thought possible from a manual testing approach.

Axe gives all the necessary levels of documentation required to isolate defects, it produces test documentation to confirm test requirements with the business and detailed ``step level`` execution results for feedback to the developer. It really does 'bridge' the gap between the Business, Development and the Test team.

To continue being a tester rather than a technical person. To be able to be trained in one day and then develop my own test cases without scripting really enriches my job and more importantly enjoy change coming!

Run automated tests easily whilst focusing on developing new test cases, because of this testing is removing the blockage to business change and being able to resolve defects quickly.

Automation Tool Technician

Ability for me to serve a number of projects at the same time rather than writing scripts over and over again.

Gives me the chance to lead in the early stages testing teams engaging with automation for the first time, my technical skills are still needed to sort out complex interaction problems between the execution tool and the Application Under Test (AUT).

Axe allows the underlying test tool to be changed without re-writing the scripts as the assets are stored separately in Excel spreadsheets. This can truly be a blessing when the business needs to change tools but maintain their regression tests. It means the whole test team can carry on to the new toolset with the minimum of disruption.

Axe adds an additional skill to my current technical skills, it doesn't take them away or decrease them, it actually adds value both in my contribution to the team and the business and my market value!

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